Thero is an established and dynamic company with a history of 5 successful years in the live music industry. Our primary focus remains on nurturing and promoting talented artists in the early stages of their careers, providing them with a perfect blend of experience and passion to help them reach their full potential. Thero has also evolved into a Production Support Company, offering services in show/tour management, Production support, Hospitality organisation, Artist Handling and general production support for live events.

With over 8 years of experience in the live music industry, including 5 years at a professional level, I have worked with a wide range of bands, both big and small. With an unwavering commitment to the music community that fueled ambition, I  established my own company, aiming to make a greater impact in the industry by nurturing emerging talent and empowering them to thrive in the live music world.

My journey in the music industry began as a dedicated volunteer at one of the oldest music venues in The Netherlands, De Pul Uden. During my time there, I gained invaluable insights by working on both sides of the shows – from the backstage as a ‘Production Manager’ to engaging with the show’s visitors at the front end. This start has given my the knowledge and the courage to start my own company.

Thero’s portfolio has flourished over the years, and we take immense pride in having worked with exceptional new artists like The Jordan. We have also expanded our presence in the festival circuit, adding prominent events like Concert at Sea, Royal Park, and Huntenpop to our illustrious portfolio.

One of the significant milestones for Thero was when we signed our second band, Daníel Hjálmtýsson, from Iceland, to our roster. Roy played a pivotal role in guiding the band through every step of their journey, except the writing process, as they crafted their first EP and Full Length album Labyrinthia, ensuring a successful release.

At Thero, our journey of empowering and promoting emerging artists continues, and we remain committed to making a lasting impact on the live music industry through our dedication, expertise, and unwavering passion for music.