Thero is a freshly started company with its heart in the live music industry. Thero focusses on helping talented artists in the early stages of their careers. Bringing a mix of experience and passion we are able to get the best out the artists. Thero is also a Production Support Company with the experience in show/tour management, merchandise organization and general production support.

Roy van Akkeren – Owner of Thero

Roy started Thero after working more that 5 years in the live music industry, 3 of those years were on a professional level. Working with bands, big and small, made him want to start his own company to do more. Helping starting bands to grow and teach them how to survive in the live music world.

Roy started as a volunteer in one of the oldest music venues in The Netherlands; De Pul Uden. By working at De Pul he worked on both sides of the shows. Working backstage as a ‘Production Manager’ and the frontend with the visitors of the show. Combining the knowledge makes it easier to advice upcoming artists.

Working as Merchandiser, Runner and Show Manager for bands as Kovacs, Coldplace, Nervana (tribute band) and many more. Made sure that all the parts of a live show were covert with experience and knowledge.

White Elephant was the first band in the roster. This band came at Roy while they were writing their first songs. He helped them with every step in the process, expect the writing, to accommodate the release of their first EP: WAIVE.