I embarked on my musical journey in the early years of my career by collaborating with the band White Elephant. Together, we nurtured the project, fostering an environment where both the band and I could evolve and acquire invaluable experiences. The band consisted of Jesper Hoekstra, Pim Schouten, and Vincent Schulten, with former members including Didier Smits and Robin Reijers.

White Elephant is an ambitious indie pop-rock formation hailing from Oss, radiating a high level of energy with a touch of darkness. Their journey began in the late summer of 2015 when the band made their debut as an ad-hoc ensemble at the Fantastival. The chemistry was so compelling that the decision was made to continue the journey together. White Elephant’s musical style is reminiscent of iconic bands such as The Cure, Editors, Interpol, and The Strokes.