Mark and Roy’s partnership began in 2018 during a European tour, facilitated by the introduction of FOH-Engineer Pascal van Beurden, who connected us to embark on this musical journey. Following the initial tour, we embarked on a smaller European tour, during which Mark and Duke Garwood delivered incredible performances in awe-inspiring churches across Europe.

In 2019, I handled the logistics for the U.S. leg of the tour, although I couldn’t personally be present due to my university commitments. A dedicated local U.S. tour manager executed my planned show advance, ensuring the tour’s success.

Later that year, we embarked on an extraordinary two-month nightlines tour, spanning 20 countries and featuring an impressive 56 shows. Upon concluding this journey, we began preparations for the anticipated 2020 & 2021 tours. Regrettably, these plans were thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to their cancellation.

It has been an honor and a source of great pride to work closely with Mark over the past few years, and our collaboration evolved into a deep personal friendship. Fortunately, I had the privilege of paying my heartfelt tribute to him at his funeral, which took place at Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles in April 2022.

I am deeply honored to be mentioned in the poem that Mark included in his latest poetry book.

Dutch Crew, Belgian Band
If one wishes To succeed
In the rock music game
He or she
Can do no better than a
Dutch crew
And a
Belgian band
Remco, Lenny, Roy Van Akkeren Patrick, Sal, Kathelijne
Brother Aldo Struyf, Fred Lyenn and
Christophe Claeys
Year after year
This combination has
Worked so very famously And I see no earthly reason
To try and fix
What isn’t broken
Dutch crew, Belgian band Call me superstitious man